Photo series inspired by a phenomenon in Nyárádtő. An Orthodox church was built out over the hundreds years old Greek-Catholic church in the Transylvanian village, entirely incorporating it. This is how the absurd situation of „a church in the church” came into being. The photo series turns people’s attention to the centrally manipulated process of identity formation through the symbolical and abrupt spreading of the Orthodox Church, which carries on in a different format the national homogenization attempt of the communist era. Since the change of the regime, more than 7000 Orthodox churches were built in Romania, and more than 1000 are under construction. This means that in the last twenty-seven years every second day a church was handed over in Romania. The extent of public funds is unquestionably a matter of political inducement. 87% of the money appropriated to church constructions goes to the Orthodox Church out of the 18 officially affirmed churches in the country.